the challenge

Shell required a mass nation-wide awareness of their core FuelSave brands in products such as Unleaded fuel, Oil & Lubricants and Shell V-Power.

The Solution

Give motorists the needed experience to understand what true performance is all about.

Thought Process

In order to showcase how much distance Shell FuelSave can help you cover on your journey, we used the car and motorcycle engines as our creative elements to visually compare them as highways, and cityscapes – literally showing the routes and paths that cars and motorcycles navigate every day.



The challenge

Launch the first truly youth driven TV station in Kenya

The Solution

In a world of social media that is driving the lives of youth in Kenya, we built our campaign around a character that our audience would follow in real life - Mr.Switch

Thought Process

TV viewership amongst Kenyan youth has been dropping over the years. With the introduction of online entertainment platforms like Netflix and Showmax, driving our audience to a local station was a delicate task. We spent a month debating, planning and discussing with the team at SwitchTV on what would get them the traction they needed. After several sessions unpacking the life of youth in Kenya we stumbled upon a simple truth - their social life was always on, whether they were on social media or watching music on TV, life doesn’t stop.

The Results

In the first 6 months after launch, SwitchTV became the 2nd Most Popular TV station in Kenya amongst 16-25 year olds.