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Isuzu : Motor

The Challenge

During the peak travel season, many Kenyans living in urban centers struggle to find their way upcountry as bus fares hike. This causes a lot of road traffic accidents as bus crews speed to-and-fro to make as many trips as possible, leaving themselves and passengers in danger.

the solution

We took it upon ourselves to spread the Christmas spirit and ensure as many people as possible make it home safely. In the process, we also gave road safety tips to bus crews travelling to Kisumu, Busia and Mombasa in a bid to remind them who the most important person is.

Thought Process

We sought to recreate the travel experience by giving Isuzu fans an opportunity to book a seat on each of the three buses via comments on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Among the experiences, there was also an opportunity to win a shopping voucher and ensure that in true fashion, EVERYONE arrives home safely.

The Results

Over 2 million impressions in the 2-week activity
146% rise in engagement on Facebook and 10.48% Twitter engagement rate
Over 60,000 post clicks in 2 weeks
25% rise in positive brand sentiment
Negative engagement at less than 5% and over 150 passengers reached home safely