Tusker Lager


The Challenge

Tusker Lager is an Iconic Kenyan brand loved by many. However, Tusker is largely perceived by the younger generation as a beer consumed by the old folks. Tusker’s image is stuck in the world of ‘old Status’. The Consumers have become disengaged from the brand as they continue to be disconnected from the beer consuming occasion due to a myriad of factors like the Covid – 19 pandemic, restricted movement, curfews, reducing purchasing power etc. In recent times the brand has struggled to build relevance for the new generation of consumers. These consumers respect the brand as one consumed by successive generation; but one that hasn’t evolved.


Kenya and Kenyans have been through tough times and prospered. Now, more than ever, there is a real need to connect and share powerful stories that are uplifting, empowering, and remind us why we are proud to be Kenyan Hence, KENYA MILELE - Celebrating the indomitable Kenyan spirit in us all.


Milele can literally be translated as ‘forever’. It does, however, hold a much more powerful meaning. The word evokes a feeling of stability and strength, an enduring quality. Tusker tapped into this -the strong visceral bond Kenyans have with their country and an authentic sense of pride. This is not about cliches or stereotypes, but real Kenyans in all their glory
By Finding and celebrating the real stories of the Indomitable Kenyan spirit that move beyond cliches and stereotypes, Tusker celebrates the diverse range of people and their stories that epitomize Kenya.