Never Miss a Moment

Safaricom : Mobile Network Operator

The Challenge

Safaricom’s data business was under attack from customers and its main competitor. Customers, especially the youth, were complaining about the affordability of Safaricom data bundles and believed that Safaricom was stealing data from them. Disgruntled and with Airtel aggressively running an “Unliminet” data campaign our consumers started to switch networks.

The Solution

We needed to address this outcry and develop a campaign to stop customers from switching to other networks for data. We moved away from the usual communication of MBs, price and validity and start evoking conversations around data bundle usage through appealing stories about the data users.

Thought Process

We discovered that every internet user has two kinds of personalities, the online and the offline personality. The negativity towards Safaricom stemmed from the offline personality, which was disappointed when the online personality got disconnected due to the bundles running out so quickly. ‘MASTERS OF THE INTERNET’ a funny, quirky campaign about Internet characters was created, with each character reflecting the different personalities the youth assume whenever they are connected with friends online.

The Results

Daily average revenue was 7% ahead of the business case target
Total daily revenue increased by 5% driven by increased uptake of hero bundles
Mobile data revenue grew by 41%
Growth in 30-day active data users to 13.1m – now 52% of the customer base
Safaricom NPS showed a positive trajectory on data since the new campaign achieved the highest NPS score for data that year at 61%