Funtastic 4G

Safaricom : Mobile Network Operator

The Challenge

With a slowing economy and increased inflation, customers started looking for better value. Against this backdrop, our competitors started to aggressively attack Safaricom on price. Safaricom needed to re-establish its network credentials and strengthen subscribers belief that they were on the best network in Kenya.

The Solution

Instead of reducing our prices and entering a price war, it was felt that Safaricom should focus on its superior network strengths - strongest network, widest coverage, reliability, speeds and an overall superior network experience.

Thought Process

We discovered through consumer research that people want to be always connected with friends and family, to leverage on business opportunities and for leisure. While other networks allow people to access data, only Safaricom ensures always-on connectivity based on their network strengths.

As only great things happen on Kenya’s strongest data network, we dramatized these great things that can only happen on Safaricom's network.

The Results

Net Promoter Score: 5+ NPS point increase vs set KPI of 2 points increase.
Drivers of impact: Outperformed the set benchmarks for product differentiation & brand consideration
Digital: Outperformed the set KPIs- 47 Million impressions and accumulated video views of 9M