Safaricom : Mobile Network Operator

The Challenge

With a slowing economy, increased inflation and drop in household disposable income, cash flow was a considerable burden to many M-PESA users. Data showed a KShs.15 million drop-off in failed chargeable daily transactions owing to insufficient funds in consumers' M-PESA wallets.

The Solution

M-PESA identified an opportunity to reduce these drop-offs by introducing Fuliza, an overdraft service on M-PESA that enables customers to complete their transactions even when they have insufficient funds in their M-PESA money wallets.

Thought Process

Failed transactions at the point of purchase due to insufficient funds can cause embarrassment and frustration as it means that meaningful purchases cannot be continued.

Consumers want to be able to continue enjoying the convenience and freedom from failed transactions on M-PESA. So we wanted to coin a memorable phrase “Fuliza”, which means to ‘continue’ or ‘do something uninterrupted’ and dramatize the seamless completion of transactions in consumers' daily lives.

The Results

Over KShs. 45 Billion borrowed within first 114 days after Launch
KShs. 394 Million borrowed every day
KShs. 16.5 Million borrowed per hour
Over 8 Million subscribers