Chukua Selfie


The Challenge

How do we get the 18 to 24 year old, sexually active Kenyan man to self-test for HIV?

The Solution

Develop a symbol anchored on a movement by and for the youth to make HIV self-testing as natural as applying cologne.

Thought Process

We immersed ourselves in the lives of 18-24 year old men in Kenya to understand the things that drive and make up their lives. After several immersions and focus group studies, we unpacked the secret sex lives of Kenyan youth.

It was clear that a radical campaign was the way into our audiences’ lives and drive conversations around self testing. After crafting the idea, we held several concept studies with the target audience to ensure our message got across. The selfie became an internal self examination of our audiences’ best self.

The Results

Over 20,000 self-test kits sold in the first 3 months
90% Campaign awareness
93% Understanding on self testing
2.5 Million web clicks
Over 1.6 Million views on YouTube