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We're the cog between clients and consumers. We're the ones who turn challenges into opportunities. We do it all with brilliant ideas from real insights.

We've built a legacy of brilliance over three decades, tested and passed in five countries across Africa where consumers have seen our clients' footprint.

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Scanad offers a comprehensive and integrated range of advertising and communication services in traditional advertising and integrated digital marketing.

Brand / Creative Advertising

SCANAD is responsible for managing the strategy, creative development, design, digital and IPO communication planning for several of the world's biggest companies.

Integrated Digital Marketing

SCANAD Digital is a fully integrated unit in SCANAD Africa offering digital media strategy support to our main-line clients and facilitating technical development through our partners, making SCANAD Africa's brand, truly social at heart

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Sandeep Madan

CEO Scanad Africa & JWT East Africa

“I am in this profession to observe and thereby influence life based on solid & inspiring insights. There is nothing else in the world I would like to do, but drive this business of communication to newer heights in Africa for SCANAD to be true to it’s vision of being the MOST FORMIDABLE AFRICAN AGENCY NETWORK by 2015.”


Arindam Sarkar

Planning Director

“Advertising like life is all about making connections, a chance to reach out to someone, for its unrelenting quest for simplicity, for its power to share hope and a vision of future that this moment can bring.”


Ghana Team

Jebet Amdany

Country Manager

“Why am I in advertising? To be rich and famous.”


Frank Ben Eghan

Business Head

I am assertive, analytic and passionate.

Why am I in advertising?

A frustrating inability to think inside the box. It offers me a chance to be brave, to take risks and to have hands on approach at solving people’s problems through brands products and services.


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