Come up with a unique and disruptive online-based launch campaign for Kenya’s first truly low-cost airline.

#OccupyJambojet – Give out an entire plane for a free return trip to the busiest destination, Mombasa, for a whole day.

We created an app on the Jambojet site, where users set up their own flight manifests. They then invited their friends to ‘Check in’ on that flight. The first group to fill up a plane with 100 confirmed ‘Check-ins’ gets to #OccupyJambojet.

The campaign was entirely online-based employing social media and ‘value exchange. We used targeted ads on Facebook, Twitter and Google. All ads led to our teaser page, where users were prompted to provide their email addresses, which we used to send them an alert immediately the contest went live.

We also used WiFi hotspots in universities across the city to create awareness on the campaign. Users in these universities were served links to the campaign site in exchange for free WiFi.