SCANAD Halloween

As is traditional Adman, Adwoman norm, the SCANAD family is never left behind when it comes to matters tradition. What is believed to have been initiated by the Celtic speaking countries in honor of the Grim Reaper’s victims resurrected to scary display on the 5th floor. 31st October and the front office draped in webs and colonialized by orange Halloween pumpkins.

A complete offset from the usual fire engine – red and white calm-ity that has for a couple of years haunted the Nairobi office. Did we mention that to liven up the deathly evening experience was a Disk Jo(ckey)ker who brought the afterlife to the present life? And every time ‘Dracula’ played, a dull soul at the corner of the bar was possessed & lifted to higher spirits. This went on and on until distilled blood ran out of the stills. A signal enough to send the vampires back to their hibernation lairs.