Jambojet: Invitation To Fly

Jambojet launched in April 2014 as Kenya’s second national airline, with the aim of easing travel for non-fliers who are cost conscious consumers. They adapted a low cost carrier (LCC) mechanism that required people to book early to experience the lowest flights available. The goal was to make travel affordable for non-fliers (with the lure of low fares), in hope of them upgrading from their current cumbersome means of transport, to flying with Jambojet.

Jambojet successfully managed to recruit frequent fliers because they got the value benefit in terms of cost (value for money), and few first time fliers who wanted to experience flying for the first time at affordable rates; something that was difficult to do in the market because of the pricing mechanisms of different carriers.
The initial launch communication strategy was driven by reach and building awareness of the brand, however, having skewed to promotions and lowered price offers, the campaign generated high awareness but low trials from our intended target audience.

Create a campaign away from the pricing mechanisms that would captivate the first time flier audience. We needed to take our target audience from an on ground experience, and motivate consumers to move to an on air experience.
We needed to change the positioning of the brand from simply being a low cost carrier in the market, to enhancing the flying experience. Persuasive arguments needed to be founded on sensitizing the first time fliers, based on a strong emotional high ground that would evoke a call to action from them.

Having relayed communication surrounding the reduced price offers. We thus devised our campaign that would allow the brand to tap into an emotional context created by that first experience one gets when they have flown.
Our solution revolved around inviting new consumers to join us on this exemplary journey that offered a remarkable experience like no other. As opposed to other campaigns that gave a price to fly, we gave an invitation to fly.

The fact that age is not a barrier when it comes to a first time flying experience, we chose people from all age groups and dramatized their personal feelings when they get on a plane and are about to make a momentous leap in their personal life. This was intended to evoke a similar response in the minds of those who are yet to achieve the milestone for their own first flying experience.
We chose the humorous storylines of being on the seat of the first flight the central focus of the execution. We refrained from any dialogue work, as we chose to express rather than say a word. The drama of each story reflects many real life experiences that are funny and memorable.
Print and billboard executions also showcased people of different age groups, citing their first flight experience.

Experiental: Jambojet Flies A Bus


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